The Hooligoats!

Introducing Hooligoats Official Support Team (HOST)

Could you tolerate working with the Hooligoats? 

We’re looking for a small group of volunteers to join the;





We are two-year-old Pygmy Goats who need help with our housekeeping and general well-being.

We can be a bit feisty, but are very loveable. We’re also very affectionate and love people to pay attention to us, and feed us.

The Hazards? We may head-butt you a little, jump on you, and nibble your fingers and clothes. Also, mucking-out is never-ending ‘cos we poop a lot (mainly Barney) and we throw a lot of hay on the floor.

The Rewards? You’d be able to get close up and personal with four of the cutest critters this side of the fence (ha ha!).

So, if you would like to join us and help with;

-Grooming & Brushing, Feeding, and Mucking Out (but mainly feeding...) -Playground Design/ Build & Fence Repairs

contact us by e-mailing