The Hooligoats!

Meet the Hooligoats...

In May 2016 we were privileged to welcome our four Pygmy-Goats to the Centre. Over the past few months they have constantly shown what little rascals they can be, earning themselves the nick-name of The Hooligoats.

The Hooligoats are;

  • Fernando - The Nosey (Born
  • Barney - The Badass (Born
  • Cuthbert - The Cutie (Born
  • Ralph - The Cheeky (Born

Each one has developed a distinctive character, and each one has become a loveable part of the family here at the Centre.

We have some videos that we've shot over the months and, if you come along to visit us, you can feed them with some of their favourite treats from our gumball machine. Always remember, though;

'Give a Hooligoat a treat, and he'll love you forever. Teach him how to use the gumball machine, and he'll just want more pocket money...'